Monday, December 13, 2010

1908 Chicago Cubs - Great Teams Week #1

1908 Chicago Cubs (H) 

Probably the most studied and written about season in baseball history. The Cubs edged the New York Giants by one game to take the National League and went on to defeat Ty Cobb's Detroit Tigers to capture their 2nd consecutive and, to this date, last World Series.

The most controversial game of the season and possibly one of the most controversial games in baseball history occurred  on September 23, 1908.  Fred Merkle's base running blunder opened the door for the Cubs and forever tarnished his name.   

Here are some of the better books I've read about this season.

Great recap of 1908 from the newpapers of the day.

And finally listen to Fred Snodgrass retell his eyewitness account of the Merkle game.

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