Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Beginning

I first discovered (or re-discovered) the Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. [CBCC] in 2005 while doing an Internet search for a Yomoyuri Giants cap. The pickings were slim. One site listed an authentic cap, but they were 'out of stock'.  A few Japanese web sites appeared to have them for sale but I couldn't translate the ordering instructions.  Then it appeared, probably on the 7th or 8th Google search page, a link to CBCC's web site and their drawing of a 1954 Yomoyuri Giants cap.

It was exactly what I was looking for. However, there was some initial hesitation. The price was more than I had ever paid for a cap. I knew my cap size but the "fit" was a new concept.  I eventually decide to take a chance and ordered the cap. When it arrived I wasn't initially impressed.  I was accustomed to the formed and rigid hats from companies like New Era  (also makers of great caps). This cap was not shaped and didn't seem to fit properly.  I read the half sheet included in the box that had cap information, care instructions and return information.  Again I decided to take chance. With each repeated wear the cap did conform to my head and eventually turned into one of my best fitting caps. I was hooked.

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