Monday, November 15, 2010

Sing Sing

                                   1936 Ossining Sing Sing Prisoners

The MWL on the cap stands for "Mutual Welfare League". Created by Thomas Mott Osborne, warden of Sing Sing prison in Ossining, New York. He established a system of internal self-rule called the "Mutual Welfare League" within the prison and quickly won enthusiastic support from both guards and prisoners

There is a great chaper in Harold Seymour's The People's Game Volume 3 titled Baseball Breaks into Prison.


  1. The catalog lists it from 1936.

  2. King-
    Nowhere right now. Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. went out of business last year. The owner has a new company in the works but it is not open yet. As soon as it is open I will let everyone know.